Balducci arraigned; Scruggs withdraws from Katrina cases

Here is the Associated Press story. More later.

UPDATE:  Here are the available documents from PACER.

Balducci arraignment.

Balducci terms of release.

Balducci summons.

SECOND UPDATE:  The Scruggs Law Firm, citing the pending criminal charges, has withdrawn from Katrina cases.   Click here to see the letter to clients on the Scruggs Katrina Group website. 

THIRD UPDATE: Motions by the Scruggs firm to withdraw from Katrina cases are already showing up.  Click here to see one such motion is a well-known case, McIntosh v. State Farm


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  1. ICLAWBLOG - Balducci Arraignment Docs

    Balducci arraigned; Scruggs withdraws from Katrina cases

    Scruggs' Group Letter Ejecting Scruggs Law Firm

    David Rossmiller
    Insurance Coverage Blog

  2. Ironic

    What a day! Grisham and Rossmiller interviewed by the WSJ on the same day!
    David, start writing the book! I will send you $30 immediately as payment for my copy, even if the book isn’t complete for years. Now, if I could get a few thousand friends to do the same…
    Patterson resigned Oct. 18, 1996 after pleading guilty to filing false documents to avoid paying taxes on a Range Rover. And Grisham thinks these folks are super sophisticated, why?
    What the heck was the “Party” headline in the WSJ for Scruggs. Although interesting info and good gossip, why not more substance and outrage over the allegations? To me, Scruggs and co. just began their character assassination of Balducci. More to come I’m sure.
    And how bad does the spin from last week look? The FBI did not find “the document” and Scruggs is not withdrawing from Katrina cases, and then a few days later he is withdrawing. By the way, the FBI removed computer data which is most likely being analyzed right now, so who the heck knows what they have found. Maybe “dead bodies”? Does that refer to other bribes?
    Other bombshells to come? I think the probability is good. AG Hood, where are you? David, you are going to be a busy man. Thanks for your excellent posts. You are the source!

  3. Scruggs indictment V

    Roger Parloff at Fortune Legal Pad is out with some informative analysis based on an interview with attorney John Griffin Jones, who filed the fee suit against Scruggs. Among the questions explored: how high were…

  4. Justus

    Ironic, take a look at the case of Alwyn Luckey v. Scruggs from 2005. There, a federal magistrate ordered Scruggs to pay Luckey $13 million in legal fees owed by Scruggs from his asbestos settlements.
    But, the kicker is this – in that lawsuit, Scruggs claims that Luckey “falsified” asbestos settlement documentation, and that he fired Luckey for that reason. Of course, Scruggs didn’t turn down the asbestos settlement money.
    So, how many years does it take for the Feds to work up a case to prove widespread “fraud in the settlement of asbestos cases” – two years, perhaps? Wouldn’t that be within the six years that Balducci claimed he gained knowledge of where the “bodies are buried? Kind of makes me raise an eyebrow, and go hmmmm?