Appearance on the Paul Gallo Radio Show on Monday

MS Smitty reminds me in the comments to the previous post today that I forgot to mention I’ll be interviewed on the Paul Gallo Radio Show on the Supertalk MS Network at 8:05 a.m. Monday morning on the Scruggs mess. I’m looking forward to it.  For those of you across the state of Mississippi, and anywhere else you might care to listen to the program live streaming on the web, I hope you’re able to catch it.  If you want information on the stations that broadcast Paul’s show or on live streaming, check the web site at this link. And when you hear me talk, no, that accent is not Canadian, although many people say I sound like one.  I grew up a few miles from the NoDak border with Saskatchewan. 

UPDATE: It’s 8:05 Mississippi time, Central Standard.  Which means I have an early day on the Pacific Coast, far from the first time that has occurred. 


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  1. Mississippian

    Look forward to listening to the interview! Maybe then, Mississippians will start getting an idea as to what is going on. Sadly, local coverage is little to non-existant.

  2. DeltaNative

    Is that Pacific time or Central time? Keep up the good work.

  3. Mississippian I think the reason the local media doesn’t engage in speculation and label it as news derives from journalistic training rather than inherent bias in favor of Scruggs.
    I have taken the liberty of notifing Brian Martin of your scheduled appearance Mr. Rossmiller so that he can attempt to present the facts on cases like McIntosh you always seem to leave out of your analysis.

  4. Jason Barney

    8:05am Pacific or Central time?

  5. MS Smitty

    That is 8:05 a.m. *CST* for those outside of Mississippi who are interested in catching the interview over the net.

  6. SOP811, thanks for telling Brian — he may have seen the post anyway — I have no idea if Paul Gallo takes callers or not, it’s Paul’s show, not mine. You think the media don’t speculate? My friend, welcome to planet Earth.

  7. No I didn’t say the media doesn’t speculate Mr. Rossmiller. I did say the local media (here in Mississippi) has the integrity to not mis-label opinion as news. I personally don’t know if Gallo takes callers but I do think depending on what you say Monday that Mr. Gallo should give equal time to the viewpoints of someone not in service to the insurance industry.
    I left a comment here once under my first name Doug when I pointed out you effectively plagerized Sad Salter’s blog in an earlier post, please feel free to call me either Doug or Sop.
    I look forward to your segment Monday.

  8. Silas

    Methinks SOP811 isnt from THIS planet if he thinks the media doesnt have bias! Another Gene Taylor sycophant no doubt.

  9. Mississippian

    “You think the media don’t speculate? My friend, welcome to planet Earth.” Well said. “label it as news derives from journalistic training rather than inherent bias in favor of Scruggs”
    —are you kidding me? The entire US knows how huge this is. The media silence here is deafening.

  10. jim

    Go back to the Luckey v Scruggs depositions where they were throwing around money($millions) like they throw out beads at a Bourbon Street parade. Any media follow up–nary a word!!

  11. Doug, SOP, or whatever you are calling yourself today, two things. One, get your identity straight, you’ll be a happier person for it. Second, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you think I need to take from anyone else, you need to swear off that peace pipe right now, man. I told you someone e-mailed me the paragraph from the book, which I also happen to own and have read. I don’t even read Sid’s column (not that there is anything wrong with it, I’m sure). For all I know, the same person gave the same idea to Sid. You think Sid owns the exclusive right to excerpts of Orey’s book?
    Lastly, you apparently haven’t noticed, but this blog is the locus of the Scruggs Nation — if I went around looking for everyone who is borrowing from me I’d spend my whole day doing it. As long as folks don’t infringe on my trade name and trademark, I couldn’t care less what they do. You think I call up the AP or the Sun Herald or the Wall Street Journal all righteous and indignant if they get an idea from my blog and write their own story on it? No, I don’t.

  12. Jason Barney

    David, do you represent both policyholders and insurance companies in dec actions and similar proceedings? What’s the ratio?

  13. David it matters not where you got Sid’s Blog quote as you never attributed it to him. I’m not here to fight Sid’s battle but I did note that when you were informed of the source of your post you did not correct the record. Lotus at Folo and Alan Lange at Yall provide a striking contrast in how they attribute their sources, for those interested.
    I am well known in the financial blogosphere under my handle Sop which is also the one I use on my blog. However unlike most of your blog’s commentators I also have no problem sharing my opinions under my own name Mr. Rossmiller which is why I disclosed both the handle and my first name so that you or your readers could find out more about me if they were so interested.
    Again I look forward to hearing you on Monday and thank you for allowing my viewpoint here on your blog.

  14. Jason, the ratio depends on when it is. Right now as far as stuff in court or going to court or looks like it might go to court, it is mostly policyholder side. A lot of the day to day stuff, advice, is on behalf of insurers, but I do a fair amount of advice for policyholders too, some of it is just talking over what insurance they have and what they need, more of it is they have a loss and they have some trouble collecting. Over the years I’ve done more work for insurers as far as number of matters, certainly, but a lot of higher-end stuff is policyholder. As long as I or the firm don’t have a conflict and the business arrangement makes sense, it doesn’t matter to me which side I’m on.

  15. Sop or Doug, your point of view would make some sense if I had gotten the quote from Orey’s book from Sid’s blog, but as it is, your point of view makes no sense because I didn’t and I had no idea he wrote about the same thing until you said so. As I’ve mentioned, the only time I’m aware I’ve looked at Sid’s blog is when I was doing some research on Balducci and I ran across the web address for Balucci’s site on a Google search, and if memory serves it was in Sid’s blog, and I mentioned this is where I saw it.
    It is possible the person who sent me the quote read it in Sid’s blog, or maybe they also sent the quote to Sid, or maybe they got it from someone who also talked to Sid about the book or the quote and in addition provided it to the person who sent it to me, I don’t know. I got it from someone fairly sophisticated who would likely have told me if they got it from Sid, since this person has provided links to other stories. I’ve explained it twice now at least, I have no need to correct the post because I didn’t get it from Sid and I’m not aware of the post you are referring to. I’m sure Sid is a fine journalist, I don’t dispute that at all, but I don’t really know what he writes about. Your comment is below the post, as is my response, and since your assumptions were and are in error, that’s where it stands. It’s Orey’s book, I imagine a lot of people are referring to it these days. I know a number of people are reading it, because they’ve talked to me about it. Orey’s book, by the way, has some great stuff in it, but it’s not definitive and probably not meant to be. As I’ve mentioned, the name P.L. Blake appears nowhere in the book.
    About links, are you kidding me? My blog is one of the most open-sourced places on the entire internet. I’ve got links to hundreds upon hundreds of news stories, as well as hundreds upon hundreds of documents from court records. Apparently you feel dissatisfied that I don’t share whatever opinions you hold about the McIntosh case or Katrina litigation or Scruggs or whatever, but then again, it is my blog, I spend a lot of time on it, I do an incredible amount of research of original sources and my purpose is to write what I think, not what someone else wants me to think.
    You mention Alan Lange and Lotus, and I agree, they do a fantastic job. What I do is a little different. You know, a lot of what I do, I don’t get from other bloggers or even from media, a lot of what I do is from the documents themselves, and I’m aware of the documents because people who know about the documents tell me about them, and because I know where to look for them on PACER and elsewhere. You may want to consider that some individuals may be talking to me, to Lange, to Lotus, to Sun Herald, to WSJ, to AP, all about the same time or the same thing. I happen to think I’ve got the best sources of anyone out there. I listen to all points of view. Don’t necessarily agree with them, but I listen.
    So, thanks again for your viewpoint, but your assumptions are in error and I’ve explained why several times now, and that’s all the time I’m going to spend on this, because I have client work to do, articles to write for Appleman’s and Scruggsblogging to do, as well as dealing with a lot of other people who correspond with me.

  16. m.williams

    AKA SOPING: One good rule to keep in mind is that plagerism needs a whale of a qualification. Big word there.
    I know Orey’s book, “Assumption of Risk,” takes quite a bit of liberty with editorial primping, vague premises, personal moralization, and tripe, but it is print media. Since it’s been printed, it’s been a modest failure. But it’s not worth plagerism. God – Orey often took his information from the WA Post, NY Times, St. Pete, Times, – endless list. He researched selectively. And I don’t know who footed his bill. Back to plagerism:
    SOP’s slinky claim of cribbing is justified only because SOP’s thought process is weak, immature and pointless.
    Plagerism is a nasty claim. Academics and journalists think long and hard before using that word. [I like probable erratum, with a caveat, “but coincidence is nicer.”]
    Plagerism is a malicious term. It’s self defining. It could be illegal.
    Plagerism is a weasel word. It’s synonymous with intentional act.
    So AKA SOP: This isn’t personal, but when dealing with Orey, there’s more than one good reason to leap into negatives. Somebody out here could be reading YOU for erratum. Use attribution.
    Back to Orey. God – Orey’s muffled coverage of HIS “story” book is far from accurate, and he WAS mysteriously guided, not so much by journalism but by a close, financially supported relationship with the – uh, the, the, uh – speculatives! Orey has a bias.
    But his research is poor for the reasons it began with an American Lawyer article (actually 2) and took four years to finish. The fruits of his labor could never have been for a big pay-off. He is virtually unknown, and his was a first book.
    Meaningfully, perhaps, Orey turned into an editor at the WSJ. I didn’t get the idea his daddy was rich – but a lot of work and time went into that piece. It wasn’t that bad, but it was mainly fodder.
    Orey made phone interviews and fact-checks, but when there were mounds of fictional information to deal with, I guess the end result is some fact. In any case, after four years, Orey told a nice story.
    In all, there were about 10 “tobacco pulp’s”. Of those, Peter Pringle and Orey got 50 per cent right.
    In Orey’s time, Mississippi media coverage was very quiet. I did know several of the CL journalists at the time, and the editorial staff carefully vetted any negative information about Moore and the Lawsuits.
    As for limited training, journalism is opinion (features), and news (who,where,what, when, why). It’s also ommission and selection.
    CL and Sun Herald avoided covering Moore, except in favors, as did the Sun; CL never is like the old West’s “sporting lady”. She just does it.
    Why there is blanket silence about Mike Moore today? I don’t know. I keep saying it’s all about past practice. And if Hood is doing what I am speculating about, is that like working for the Cuban daily? I have to confess that CL has a very long history of numbskulls, but they don’t pay well, do they?