Another NPR Love Letter To Scruggs

Since when did National Public Radio become the house organ for the Scruggs family of plaintiff lawyers?  I like a good human interest story as much as the next person, but these kind of Katrina damage stories are getting boring and predictable, and if they haven’t crossed the line into outright shilling they are standing so close to the line they obscure it.  The story’s supposed analysis of the relevant case law fails to qualify as a joke for the sole reason that it isn’t good enough to be funny.  

I don’t know the facts of all these Katrina cases, so I’m not picking sides, but I was in the media long enough and wrote enough slanted stories to know one when I see one.  In the face of these kind of relentless public relations offensives, maybe State Farm should come up with a better strategy than silence.  A lot of reporters take after Bob Woodward: if you don’t talk to them they will carve you up, and it would be better for you to have a bad epitaph on your tombstone than to have them write a story about you. 

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