Another Balducci bribe attempt?

I had not seen this in my readings of the government evidence in the Scruggs case, but this story by Alyssa Schnugg of the Oxford Eagle is about an alleged conversation between Tim Balducci and Judge Lackey concerning a bribe in a second, unrelated matter, a DUI manslaughter case.  A reader just e-mailed it to me, and I wanted to get it up on the site.  Great story, really well-written.

UPDATE:  As a reader noted below in the comments, the link already went bad.  The Eagle has some kind of funky pre-Industrial Age thing going on with its website, so apparently you can’t get permalinks. I’ve asked the Eagle if I can get a better link, until then I guess you’ll just have to imagine the story for yourself.    

SECOND UPDATE: Let’s try this link and see if it works.  Thanks to Jay in the comments.

THIRD UPDATE: I’m informed by a reader with a far better memory than I have that this is in one of the trascripts I posted on February 26.  Here’s a copy of the transcript, and here’s a link to the post of that day. The first copy of the transcript is partial, [see below for an update, I was wrong, this second transcript is not the same thing] here’s a later full transcript filed by the government that has the entire recording of Balducci’s foray into the Scruggs Law Firm after he was flipped by the government.

FOURTH UPDATE: Thanks to NMC in the comments, never mind the second transcript I posted, it’s a different Balducci conversation.  As NMC says, it’s tough to keep it all straight — after a while one sweet potato begins to look like another.



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  1. nmc

    The transcript with this was in the Nov. 1 meeting between Balducci and Lackey; a partial version was released by the defense recently. I’m not positive but think it’s available on this site. It is described and is available in a post on the Folo site.

  2. Anderson

    The Eagle doesn’t use story-specific links, so the posted link is already bad. And I can’t get the “Archives 2008” page to open, tho maybe it’s just my browser.

  3. nmc

    The Eagle does not do the permalink thing at all, David. The only thing I’ve known to do is ask the reporter for permission to run the entire piece; this permission is freely given as long as the paper gets to put it up first. That’s why Allyssa’s story from yesterday is quoted in full on the Folo site. You could probably get her to allow you that, too.

  4. nmc

    This is very confusing but bear with me for a moment. You are posting 2 different 11/1 transcripts. The first transcript you post is a partial one as you note. It has the details about the 2nd bribery scheme Balducci proposed, in a conversation with Lackey in Calhoun City. The 2nd (complete) transcript is the one with Sidney, Zach, Dickie, and Balducci in the Scruggs Law Office later that day.
    The full Nov. 1 Calhoun City conversation has never emerged. If you look at the first couple of pages of the 2 you posted you’ll see what I mean.
    The amount of information that comes through in these cases is unbelievable and it is very hard to sort sheep from goats.

  5. David Rossmiller

    NMC, quite true, thanks. I’ve made the correction above. If this bribery scheme was indeed too dumb for Dickie, as one of Scruggs’ friends said, I’d hate to try to sort out a complicated scheme. The evidence in this one is confusing enough.