An Example Of Market Response To Health Care Insurance Increases

The Wall Street Journal’s story on this topic is subscriber-only, but thanks to Daniel Gross, here is a significant part of the article.  (Scroll down to the discussion headlined "Cram Down Nation").  The market response to increasing costs for health care insurance, where premiums have outstripped decelerating increases in actual health care costs, has been to go bare and purchase no insurance at all, endangering the profits and future viability of health care insurers.  For those employers and individuals who can’t afford insurance at current prices, few tears would be shed at this news.  It’s obvious that double-digit premium increases can go on only so long when companies and workers aren’t increasing their profits or wages by double-digits every year. 

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  1. If the market doesn’t correct (trim back the premiums) I fear that we, the taxpayers, will end up the “solution” to the problem.
    It does seem that one could carve out a significant share of the market by undercutting the competition right now – you would stand to bring many un/underinsured back into play.
    I hope for the second, but fear the first will come true…