Air Scruggs cannot take to air to carry Scruggs’ lawyers

U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander has clipped Dickie Scruggs’ wings again —  Scruggs’ private plane has been denied permission to take to the air for the purpose of hauling Scruggs’ lawyers to and from San Francisco to defend him against criminal charges in Mississippi and Alabama.  This despite the fact the government did not oppose Scruggs’ motion of Friday for an exception to the current limitations on flights for emergency and charitable purposes only.

Click here to read Judge Alexander’s order.

Judge Alexander said as follows:

"Commercial air travel to and from Mississippi, California, and Alabama is readily available.  For example, Northwest Airlines has over twenty flights from San Francisco to Memphis, Tennessee.  Most of these flights average less than $300.00 round-trip.  From Memphis to Birmingham, Alabama, an equal number of Northwest Airlines flights (most, if not all, direct) abound, averaging $184,00 round-trip.  Travel to Oxford, Mississippi, and Birmingham, Alabama is reasonably accessible by commercial air travel, and the defendant has not presented sufficient cause for amendment of the court’s previous order."

If I might offer a solution — John Keker can simply increase his fee by the price of a private jet.  


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2 Responses to Air Scruggs cannot take to air to carry Scruggs’ lawyers

  1. You funny, Brother Rossmiller.
    Fast too.

  2. Ironic

    I wonder if Scruggs is finally realizing the seriousness of the situation. First, the denial of withdrawing from Katrina cases, and then he withdrew. Then, his lawyer, Langston, denies the FBI found anything at Scruggs office. A day later Scruggs is charged. A week later, the FBI is searching Langstons own office.
    Yet, the kicker today was Scruggs plane being grounded. “What, no plane? Do they know who I am? Do they know who I know?” Although symbolic, its evidence to me that this is unlike all the other times that Scruggs has talked his way out of trouble.
    At least, temporarily, the judge has avoided an OJ-like airplane chase across the skies. Can you see Langston flying the plane for his buddy, Scruggs, who is on his cell phone with Hood as FBI planes chase him?
    In Scruggs testimony, 514, lines 2-14, you may learn a great deal about Scruggs. When Scruggs was asked directly what the heck Blake did to earn $50 million, Scruggs in return asked the lawyer questioning him whether he shared a hunting cabin with Blake. To me, Scruggs was saying, “Do not go there, I know more about you than you think.” How far did Scruggs go with his political battles? For whom did he have compromising information and how willing was he to use that information to get what he wanted? I am willing to bet that whatever Blake is doing behind closed doors with his many millions from Scruggs could fill an entire book and then some.
    PS- How ironic that Balducci is labeled as a selfish “wannabe” snitch? Yet, when Scruggs has an “insider”, that person is a protected whistleblower and a confidential informant.