A Wednesday bleg

"Blegging" is the term used to refer to the act of using your blog to ask for a favor. Normally, I pay no attention to internet awards and even less to the American Bar Association, but I see that Walter Olson, my co-blogger at Point of Law, is in hot competition for best general law blog in the ABA Journal Blawg 100 for his blog Overlawyered, and needs some votes to pull into the lead on this, the final day of voting.  You may have read Walter’s great posts on the Scruggs scandal, or you may have followed his blogging at Overlawyered over the years — he is one of the pioneers of legal blogging and Overlawyered is one of my favorite stops on the internet, right up there along with www.shredderchess.com.  If you enjoy Walter’s Scruggsblogging and other writing, please visit  http://www.abajournal.com/blawgs/blawg100 and cast your vote, it only takes a second.

UPDATE: As often happens, I got to thinking about this post after I posted it, and I neglected to mention the outstanding work of Ted Frank at Overlawyered, not to mention some great regular contributors like Jason Barney.  It’s a truly fine site, consistently excellent.


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3 Responses to A Wednesday bleg

  1. Help us win the ABA contest (and ruin someone’s day…)

    The ABA Journal’s contest for best general legal weblog ends momentarily (Wed., Jan. 2) and as of this writing we’re still lagging a mere 50 or so votes behind the front-runner, not an impossible margin…

  2. Doug

    But according to Quizlaw, Overlawyered is run by IBM built robots. Rather than vote for them, perhaps sending a case of WD-40 or a gift card for the local autoparts store would be better.

  3. Jason Barney

    Thank you, David, for your kind words and keep up your excellent work.
    I wish I was still on the insurance side of the equation and not just working self-insured claims as I do now, so I could throw you some coverage work from time to time.