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Steve Rosenberg and I were talking the other day about how, among the millions of blogs in the blogosphere, only a few are dedicated to discussing insurance coverage law.  This surprises me a little, because I know a lot of lawyers read this blog and because a number of lawyers have asked me about starting a coverage blog.  Generally, their interest decreases when I tell them it takes up to two hours a day of unbillable time, that it is really hard work and that I don’t view a blog as a great means of communicating with a firm’s clients.

I tend to view blogging not as another means of distribution of the same information I already disseminate, but as a new form of communication in which the medium becomes part of the substantive product.  It’s a good way of meeting new people, learning new information and sharing it with others, and having fun.  Despite the hours it takes, blogging is highly idiosyncratic and brings a freedom you may not find in the daily routine of your practice.  Give it some thought. 

All this is long-winded introduction to ReRisk, a reinsurance blog written by Jolyon Patten, a lawyer in London.  Because he is from the UK and I am from NoDak, I can understand only about four-fifths of what he says, but I fill in the 20 percent with my best guess on a translation into NoDak-speak.  I enjoy reading his blog and I encourage you to check it out.

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