100,000 Expected To File Claims Against Corps Of Engineers In Louisiana

This story from USA Today is an eye-opener.  Between 60,000 and 100,000 people are expected to file claims against the Army Corps of Engineers for its part in Katrina-related levee failures in New Orleans.  If their claims are denied, they can then file suit.  This is certainly different than Mississippi: the Corps of Engineers, not State Farm, is being made the heavy. 


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5 Responses to 100,000 Expected To File Claims Against Corps Of Engineers In Louisiana

  1. Katrina Victim

    There were no leeves involved in Mississippi!

  2. Stephen Rosenberg

    You know, the Washington Post has run a series of articles over the years pointing out the politicization (sp.?) of the Corps and of the selection of projects and their funding. One wonders if less politics and more merit would have affected the Corps’ role with regard to the levees.

  3. Regarding Steve’s comment, I think that is true and well-documented that the Corps is heavily politicized and its judgment has been questionable to boot. It also makes a number of engineering mistakes in projects, one of which I am well aware of because it affects my mother’s property.
    Regarding Katrina victim’s comment, what’s the point? You could have mentioned that the Corps doesn’t sell homeowners insurance either.

  4. Smitty

    There’s a flood control system running through Los Angeles called the LA river, the flood control system was designed by the corp in the 1930s, LA used to be plagued by annual floods which took homes & killed dozens every year. The corp measured the maximum flood area and calculated the maximum rainfall over a given time period & designed the flood system to fit our needs, it’s essentially a high speed concrete lined freeway for storm runoff.
    It only rains about 10 days a year in LA but when it does, it rains a lot and fast, the current 1930s system works perfectly evacuating a huge quantity of storm runoff into the ocean in minutes while averting flooding and controlling a wild rushing river from meandering all over LA.
    The local politicos now want to rip out the concrete lined flood channels and turn it into a 32 mile long community redevelopment plan complete with high density housing along side the soon to be removed flood channel complete with jogging paths & open bottomed fabricated “natural river beds” with “park like landscaping”.
    A nice concept but totally unrealistic to the needs of the flood channel, the channel is dry 350 days a year with a trickle of lawn runoff, the other 15 days its a rushing 20-30 mph rapid all the way to the ocean, anything which falls into its path including cars are instantly ripped out to sea, anything not able to withstand 30 mph currents is ripped away and carried out to sea.
    The whole redevelopment plan is monumentally stupid, the new plans will result in meandering wild rivers choosing their own paths during storms when it rains in LA, the high density housing will flood and get clogged with debris from all the planned riverbed landscaping and the open bottomed riverbeds will contaminate the aquifer with polluted storm runoff.
    In spite of the unfeasibility of the entire project or monumental stupidity of a high density development in a flood channel the city & state federal Senatress idiot Boxer are pressing on with the project, the city during their “public input sessions” has assured us the corp can “make the project work” in spite of no engineering studies having been done.
    Needless to say I think the corp does whatever the politicians tell it to do or says whatever the politicians tell it to say.
    Every year 5 or 6 Angelinos get washed away and drowned after falling into the river which lows at over 20 mph and 15′ deep during storms.

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